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Kitchen Policy

TheFoodCorridor.comGus’ uses a web-based service for our scheduling, invoicing, and document sharing. All tenants must create an account to access the schedule and for the automated invoice system. There is a 2-4% platform fee attached to each invoice depending on payment method used.

Cleaning- It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that all workstations, equipment, and storage areas are left in a clean and sanitary condition. This does include all storage areas, shelves and racks utilized by the tenant. Cleaning fees will be assessed for any area, equipment or storage area left in an unsatisfactory condition.

Scheduling- Gus’ uses www.thefoodcorridor.com for our online schedule. The schedule allows for the reservation of prep tables and equipment as close to 30 minutes beforehand and up to 90 days into the future. Gus’ cancellation and no-show policy is as follows: If your shift is cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand you will be charged 50% of the value of the scheduled time. If you do not show up for a shift without cancellation you will be charged the entire value of the shift.

Payment- Invoices are automatically generated on the first of every month. Adjustments can be made up to the fourth and on the fifth of the month payment is automatically drawn via the payment method you have on file with www.thefoodcorridor.com. Any account that reaches 30-days past due will be suspended; any accounts that are suspended are subject for termination at any time.

Licensing- Tenants must acquire and maintain any and all applicable licenses pertaining to their specific operation.

Insurance- Tenants must name Gus’ Commissary Kitchen as “Additionally Insured” in addition to the minimum coverages required by the State of Colorado.

Compliance- All tenants are responsible for maintaining compliance to all Federal, State and Local laws as well as the terms laid out according to Gus’ Policies and Procedures and the Rental Agreement.

Rental Agreement- All Tenants must have a current and signed copy of the Rental Agreement on file with Management. This may be done via physical copy as well as www.thefoodcorridor.com’s document sharing feature. Upon either voluntary or involuntary dissolution of this rental agreement, any Commissary Agreement will be null and void immediately.

Kitchen Access- Tenants will have access to the facility via the north side of the building. Tenants will be assigned an access Pin Code

Kitchen Users- All Kitchen Users must have a current ServSafe (or equivalent) certification. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure proper kitchen attire is worn; No open toed shoes or overly stained articles of clothing are to be worn in the facility. Gus’ Commissary is a shared commercial kitchen and as such presents an environment not suitable for those under 16 years of age. As this is a shared work environment guests and visitors are generally discouraged and visit length should be kept to a minimum.

Storage- Gus’ offers storage in three different areas, Dry Storage, Cold Storage, and Frozen Storage. Space for one NSF approved rack in our “Dry” Storage area is complimentary. Cold and/or Frozen storage is offered at an additional charge. Those paying for the “Unlimited” plan will be entitled to a half-rack or a reach-in door of Cold and Frozen Storage. Additional storage is offered at the rates described in the price sheet. Gus’ Commissary Kitchen is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Deliveries- Delivery to Gus’ is available for many popular area vendors. The Tenant or authorized kitchen user should be present to accept and put away any deliveries. After hours deliveries can be arranged and will be treated as an additional kitchen user; an access device will be assigned, and a contact form will be filed with management. All deliveries and pickups must be handled via the south door or overhead door.

Parking- Parking is available along the western and northern fences. Overnight Parking is not offered by Gus’. Gus’ Commissary Kitchen is not responsible for any damage, theft, parking tickets, towing or charges incurred.

Gus’ Equipment- No equipment or items owned by Gus’ Commissary are to be taken off the premises at any time. Any equipment beyond the basic fare offered by Gus’ is the sole responsibility of the Tenant to provide.

Security- Gus’ Commissary Kitchen utilizes multiple security cameras throughout the building. All exterior doors lock automatically to ensure only Tenants and authorized kitchen users have access to the facility. The South Door may be propped open during the summer for airflow through the kitchen. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure all doors are closed securely before leaving the premises. As a Tenant you are not obligated to answer any phones or doors for anyone unknown to you. All kitchen users must have their access device with them to access the facility.

Theft- Theft by any Tenant or agent thereof will not be tolerated. Theft of any Gus’ equipment or property of another Tenant will be grounds for immediate termination of the rental agreement, any remaining balances or deposits will be forfeit. Your signature signifies you agree to use of cctv recording in possible prosecution.